SiP is creating Virtual Reality experiences and Intelligence for the Retail sector.

John Lewis
Innovate UK

SiP (Shopping & Immersion Platform) is a Virtual Reality customer experience that deepens the relationship between customers and retailers. SiP won the Innovate UK Immersive Retail Challenge at the end of 2015 and has received seed funding from Innovate UK to develop Virtual Reality experiences with John Lewis.

Future Visual the builders of SiP are working in an innovation partnership with John Lewis and are well placed to take advantage of the incredible opportunity that is currently available through the maturing of VR technology and the changing needs of retailers and customers.

"There is so much e-commerce today, you have to come up with a new reason to go to stores. That kind of immediacy is why virtual reality trumps photographs and traditional videos."
Blake Mycoskie, Toms founder

The investment that Virtual Reality is currently experiencing means that VR can now deliver on the long held promise of highly immersive, powerful customer focused experiences. This opens up a new era of possibility in the relationship between brands and customers. SiP using Virtual Reality is able to bridge the current 2D flat screen experience of mobile and desktop to create an experience where the customer can have the sensation and inspiration of actually being in-store.

SiP will disrupt the retail sector by offering personalized adaptive retail experiences that are not constrained by the floor-plan or display limitations of current retail offerings. SiP will provide an inspirational customer experience, which will enable customers to enjoy and explore a retail flagship experience from any location and not just the retailer’s prime site location.

"Virtual Reality is a good way to bring the wilderness inside. VR let’s people see the beauty of these places."
Todd Spaletto, President of North Face

SiP will also change the game for retailers and customers by making every shopping experience into a “listening store” that is reactive to customer interactions, dwell times, browsing history and social media activity.

Whilst the domestic adoption rate of HMD (Head Mounted Displays) is unknown what we do know is that Facebook and Google have both said that Virtual Reality is the next computing platform and that VR is a significant part of their future business strategy. At the Google VR symposium in London in early 2016 Google stated that in 10 years VR will be to teens what mobile is today. When you view that in the context of the current shift to mobile and the technology cycles we have seen over the last 20 years, investing now in a Virtual Reality strategy seems both ambitious and wildly realistic.

"We believe virtual reality is going to fundamentally transform the human experience of shopping and, in doing so, lift sales for those retailers who get ahead of the curve. Brands have an opportunity to stake out an innovation leadership position by building custom virtual reality experiences that engage customers beyond physical and digital brand experiences. We call this V-commerce. V-commerce will be the next evolution of E-commerce."
Sapient Nitro
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