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The launch of the Nike Flyknit was celebrated with the re-development of Aske Gardens to bring sport to the community.

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Aske Gardens was a negelected corner of East London that no one cared for. To mark the launch of the Flyknit brand, Nike launched a community based
program to get Aske Gardens into the best shape of it's life and bring fun and fitness to the local community.

We were there to help mark the transformation from dumping ground to theatre of dreams.


The event took place over several days with multiple events. The daytime saw Spartan fitness, yoga and kids activities.

In the evening we were treated to basketball tricking, a thumping dancefloor and a brilliant installation by United Visual Artists where gymnastic routines on the trampoline triggered an atmospheric light show and were also logged as Nike fuel on an led display.

The local community and Nike bought this communal playground back to life for a new generation of athletes.

Here is some action from the evenning

Visit Nike Flyknit

Visit Nike Flyknit

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