The UK’s favourite High-Street brand embraces Virtual Reality to communicate with partners.

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We help the UK’s favourite High-Street brand embrace Virtual Reality to communicate with partners at Waitrose and John Lewis across the Uk PIC.

Partnership Day provides an opportunity to pause and remember the values that are the foundations of John Lewis’s retail success.


Few retailers have established such a striking business culture as the John Lewis Partnership, which celebrated its unique business model on Partnership day. In honour of Spedan Lewis who introduced the concept of Partners to John Lewis we worked with the comms team to deliver a Virtual Reality experience for the Flying Spedan, a delivery truck fitted out to take our Virtual Reality experience up and down the country to help connect partners to each other and to the vision of John Lewis.

Spin the film below around in 360 by using your mouse.
Just click on the picture as it plays and look around the whole 360 world.
360 films are best viewed using the Chrome browser.