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Future Visual present to the IATA symposium Prague November 2014

I endorse Future Visual’s work as likely to be highly significant in aviation safety and training.
I strongly believe in training and your tool applied to some imaginative applications should further improve flight safety.

— Don Bateman Inventor of GPWS and 2013 Recipient Of Elmer A. Sperry Award For Advancing Flight Safety

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Present to a global audience of aviation professionals about the opportunities that 3D simulation and virtual reality offers to the aviation industry.

The aviation industry combines the need for the very highest safety training with a high level of regulation. It is also a people industry, whilst safety is the number 1 prority
our experience as passengers is usually defined by our interactions with airline staff.
Therefore there is huge scope for safety, proceedure and customer satisfaction training.


Virtual Reality offers such a paradigm shift in experience we decided the best way to demonstrate the potential of VR to the aviation demo was to build a virtual briefing room and hangar environment.

We built an 8 minute experience which shows how the immersive content could be used for training pilots, cabin crew and ground crew.
We got an amazing reaction from the attendees which has led to us develping a new release.

Have a look around the training demo film below. To see it in ‘real’ virtual reality please get in contact.

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Visit IATA

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Nike Flyknit

Flyknit Launch at Aske Gardens
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