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Bespoke British tailoring with a playful sense of style. Engineered in the UK.

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Gresham wanted to tell a story about the Great British tailoring that goes into all his designs. What better location than the recently refurbished Engineerium on the edge of Brighton.

A beautiful slice of Victoriana with recently refurbished huge steam beam engines, a fitting tribute to the era of tradition of invention and craftsmanship that defines so much of Great Britain and Gresham Blake's history.


By planning our schedule with precision that would have amazed Victorian engineers we combined the photo-shoot and film shoot into the same day. David Ellis shot the stills whilst Thomas English directed photography and Steve Glashier directed the action .

Not only did we have the 26 ft steam beams in operation durong the shoot we also fired up a boiler that was the same model as used on the Titanic.

No models were harmed in the making of this film.

Visit Gresham Blake

Visit Gresham Blake

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